Hey - I am Madeeha Anwar from Bakecellence.com

Hi guys,
My name is Madeeha Anwar and I am a full-time journalist and a part time blogger. I have started my blog later last year. It is a baking based blog called https://bakecellence.com (Baking with Excellence).
I started in December and believe had seen decent numbers in terms of traffic so far. As of today I hit 30,000 sessions and I will count it from March of this year because before that I had not installed Google Analytics correctly on my blog. So, this is a growth in the past 4 months going from 0 - 30 K.
My speciality is baking and I love doing that. I hope I could get more time for blogging because I still have a full time job and it is very hard for me to take out time to work on the blog.
One thing that I really had no idea before starting my blog was that how much work goes in the blog. From doing keyword search to creating recipes to photograph them and then writing a post. It can all look so glittery and easy from the other side but it is a heck of a job which requires energy and time and patience.
Good to get connected with you all here and hoping for some good conversations on this forum.


Welcome to the group Madeeha!

I like your blog name. :slight_smile: Took a peek at your site and you have delicious looking desserts and great photography!

You are going to learn so much here and feel free to chime in with things you’ve learned or wins you have too.


Welcome to the group Madeeha.
I couldn’t reach your blog. Is something wrong with your blog?

Thanks Melissat. I am glad you liked the name and content :slight_smile:

That’s what I am looking for to learn more about blogging. It’s such a vast field with so many things to get the grip on.

Well, it shouldn’t be. I tried clicking on the link above and it seems it is not opening it correctly.

Please try here again - www.bakecellence.com

I could finally visit your blog, and I have to say, the desserts look great. Congratulations

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Welcome Madeeha! Your blog is BEAUTIFUL! Nice work making so much progress in such a short amount of time. I hope you feel super welcome here. Please ask questions as needed! So great to have you here… :heart:

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Thank you Pistachioguy.

Thanks so much Megan. Means a lot. I am hoping to learn from this amazing forum.

Thanks Melissa,
I am glad you liked the name and the blog :slight_smile:
Yes, I am looking forward to gain knowledge from you all.