Hey guys I'm Chenée -- glad to be here! 😁

Hey everyone! It’s good to be here and I’m so glad to have found this community since I’m constantly trying to find more resources and connections in blogging!

My name is Chenée, and my blog is Chenée Today. I focus mostly on baking (desserts and sweets), but I also post savory dishes, as well as a few DIY beauty and skin care ideas. I started Chenée Today in November 2019, so It’s been almost 6 months – not long at all, but it’s been a lot of fun so far!

I suck at coming up with fun facts, but I guess it’s fun that in addition to my blog, I’m a licensed attorney here in Illinois, but my main day job is working as studio manager for my brother’s art studio. So I definitely wear many hats! Lol

Again, great to be here!


Welcome Chenee! So glad you are here!

Yes, I think being an attorney qualifies as a fun fact :slight_smile: Also working at an art studio! Sounds like you have a wide range of interests and talents.

Chenee! So glad to have you here! Feel free to browse around and also post new topics/questions you have. Everyone here is so willing to help out.

You have such a variety of jobs! I actually love that. You probably never get bored!!