HEY! And exciting news!

Hey awesome forum people! I’ve missed you! I took 4 weeks off work and it was really good (I’ll be recording a podcast episode about how you can do it, too, and why you should!) but I’ve also really missed working. It’s good to be back!

@BethanySmith and I are SO CLOSE to launching the new Eat Blog Talk community platform and we are seriously bubbling over with excitement about it. We just recorded a podcast episode with all the details, so check that out on Monday, Aug 3rd!

Also, sign up to be on the launch email list because then you’ll get the scoop on EVERYTHING about the community and you’ll also be entered to win one of these amazing prizes:

  • FREE UX mini audit with Bethany
  • FREE annual membership to the EBT community platform

Sign up for the email list here: https://eatblogtalk.com/launch/

The community is launching on Tuesday, August 11th… so, it’s coming up quickly! Did I mention we’re super excited!!! :smile: :upside_down_face:

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Yes, can’t wait. It will really be such a great way to build on the community we already have here in the forum while offering so much more!