Helping 1 family = win!

I know we focus a lot here about traffic, income, etc. Of course, that’s essential if you’re going to blog as a business.

Our son has several serious food allergies. It’s not a focus of the majority of my content, but I sprinkle in some recipes that have allergy friendly adaptations, plus when we find places that are good with food allergies I try write it up.

Just had a mother comment on an older post reviewing a nearby amusement park that does a good job with food allergies. After getting the info and sharing with son, he was more excited to go on school trip there, b/c he could actually find something to eat.

That’s one page view, but a big win!


This is a HUGE win and definitely one to celebrate @CookingChat ! I feel like we so often gloss over wins like this one. I so appreciate you sharing this! :heart:

Agreed! It’s meaningful and impacts them in such an important way High-five! :pray:t3: