Help with Pinterest Strategy

I am planning some content for Pinterest and wanted to get some thoughts before I pin with hope that this will help others out as well.

  1. I have heard some rumblings about Pinterest (might have been in this forum) only really wanting to promote the 1st pin for URL. Is anyone finding that new pins from posts you already pinned before are NOT getting any traction? Or are you finding you can still get good clicks with a new image for an “old post”.

  2. I have been encourage to go specific in my boards. I am looking to pin some content on blood orangs, should I create a new board about blood oranges. How many posts would I need to have to make it worth my wild?

The reason I am focusing on blood oranges is that I pinned my blood orange season post and it got more impressions that other recent posts, so I want to see if Pinterest “likes” my blood orange content.

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I still have pins that AREN’T my first pin get traffic - I think this really depends on the pin. Maybe one has a better picture or a different design that’s more appealing. It varies. But I don’t tend to pin more than 2-3 pins per URL when I’m first pinning them.

As for your boards, I would try doing something slightly more broad than a blood orange board. Maybe citrus recipes or orange recipes, something along those lines. Then you might have some pins you could also pin to that board as well as pin some others on Pinterest to help give the board a little traction and let Pinterest know what it’s about.

Hope that helps!

  1. I am in the process of rewriting all my old content. What I do is create a new image completely different from the previous one. not hard to do since my photo skills have changed from years ago. lol What I find most helpful it to pin to the board that most resembles my pin, not my website/personal brand board. i also tag two or three most relevant topics, allowing the search tool withing uploading to do the work. I also enter some alt text on Pinterest too. (new feature) I make sure my key words are in my description and title also. If I do this I find that I get action on the pin. Oh, and the biggest way to get pins or link clicks is to animate the pin in canva. Pinterest seems to like old content if I do all this.

I wish we could jump on a video call and discuss this, it wold be easier. As for boards the best thing to do is go into pinterest search board and use what pops up from the drop down menu to name your boards. I have attached an image hopefully to what I mean. Be sure all the key words in the drop down menu are in your boards descriptions too, very important

I think 10 post, not necessarily yours is the minimum. you can have other content on the board besides yours, just be sure they are good pins.


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I’m willing to host a Zoom call to discuss, if you guys would like! This is all great stuff.

@eatlikenooneelse I like Taryn’s recommendation to create a citrus board instead of just blood orange. Still very specific but not pigeon-holed. And @Ginainga I have never used animated pins from Canva to Pinterest. I’m going to try that!

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I did end up keeping with just a citrus board.

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