Help With AMP for Mediavine

I need some tech help… I applied for Mediavine after having some great traffic increase with Rank IQ and SEO and I’m in the pre-approval process but need to “fix” a few things that I don’t exactly understand so suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. I don’t understand what AMP is why my top pages are AMP or how to “walk them back” I would like to pay someone to “fix” this for me but I don’t know where to go for something like this.

Here is part of the email I was sent:
Thank you so much for your patience while we worked through the review process. **We really like your site and would like to move forward, but first wanted to touch base really quickly on an aspect of your application:**AMP

We noticed that a substantial amount of your top pages are on AMP.

As of June 1st, 2022, Mediavine no longer monetizes AMP traffic. This was because of the technical restrictions around how ads can serve.

AMP, regardless of who is managing your ads, earns at a fraction of normal traffic.

Not sure if this is in their wheelhouse, but iMark Interactive is great for one-off tech assistance. They’re trusted by a LOT of people in our industry. Hope you get it sorted out soon!

Sometimes AMP traffic is web stories, which I know do earn a fraction of the amount of regular posts. It sounds like that may be what they’re talking about.

Before you pay anyone to hep you, I would just email them and ask what exactly they’re referring to. In my experience they’re pretty helpful when I’m trying to figure something out.

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