Help: why is my site sending pins to pinterest?

For some strange reason, I have something on my site now that is auto-pinning my hero shot about 6 hours after I publish a post. I don’t like it because I auto-pin an animated Pinterest size pin as soon as I publish a post. It also looks like I’m pinning same link address back to back. I just kind of ignored it until now. I am getting ready to move to feast and I’m starting to make my images 1200x1200 in preparation. But the problem now is the hero shot is getting pinned at this size. What could be sending pins automatically on newly published posts? I use MediaVine Grow and I don’t see anything in there that would do this. I’m clueless where to start finding the culperate. Any ideas or suggestions?


@Ginainga Whoa! I have not heard of this before! This sounds like a question for Kate Ahl. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

I had this same issue for a while and it drove me BONKERS trying to figure out where it was coming from!!

Go into your Pinterest account settings and look under ‘bulk create pins’. Make sure you haven’t turned on ‘connect RSS feed’. If you have a link in there, delete it. That should fix it!

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Katie, you are a genius!!! That is exactly what was wrong! I never even thought about Pinterest doing it. I only looked through my wp plug-ins. Thoes pins hardly ever got views since I had already uploaded a true pin earlier in the day. It will be interesting if the ones I upload will start doing better long run.
Thank you so much, you made my Friday start off great. :grin:

Yay! So happy that solved your problem! I was digging through my plugins at the time too! I even emailed grow/mediavine tech support! lol! I can’t remember how I finally figured it out but I was so happy when I did! It was frustrating for me because the image being pulled looked really terrible and was going out before I could get my good image pinned.

Anyway! Happy that worked! :raised_hands: