👏 Help me welcome the new Community Manager!

Hey everyone! I have been negligent of this space in recent months and I want to change that! I created this space 2 years ago so food bloggers would have a safe place to come (off FB) and collaborate, network, learn, grow and also to share wins and struggles. It’s more important than ever for this growing space to have a place like this one, where you don’t have to tread lightly because you’re afraid you might be kicked out for sharing something in the wrong way.

I want to introduce you to the new Community Manager @girlappetit (hi Dani!) who is going to show up regularly and get to know you all on a deeper level. Dani is a food blogger, so she is in the trenches right along with the rest of us.

With that said, I hope to see everyone in here more regularly. Thanks, awesome people! :heart:


Hey there everyone! Thank you Megan for that sweet introduction. I am very excited to be in this space with all you fellow foodies. Looking forward to connecting with each and everyone of you, help answer your questions, share tips, etc!


Welcome @girlappetit! Thank you for being here and encouraging us, keeping us up to date on things going on in the food blogging world and introducing us to more EBT resources.


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