Help Closing a Sponsored Deal

Hey, I am have a brand that is open to doing sponsored work with me, but they did say that -

“we have to be extremely fastidious about how our budget is spent. Can you tell me the estimated cost for this project?”

How would you approach this? My May ad income was poor, leaving us with a budget shortfall by quite a bit in August, so it’s important that I land some sponsored work so that we don’t bleed through savings. I don’t want to sell myself short, but also don’t want to price myself out so that I don’t get anything.


Ask them what their budget is and what deliverables they want. If their budget isn’t enough for a sponsored post then you might be able to tell them that you can do some social media posts for that budget.


Agreed with above! Let them know you’re happy to pull a custom proposal together based on their goals and budget. Share what services you offer (sponsored blog post, sponsored social post/video, set of stories, recipe development, product review, branded photography, podcast inclusion, etc.) and ask which deliverables they’re interested in. At this point, I sometimes also throw out 2-3 basic content ideas so they’re able to better conceptualize the partnership. Good luck!!


I would get more details from them about what they want before you give them pricing.