Hello I'm Maya from Maya's Kitchen Daydreams

Hi Everyone!

I’m Maya a food blogger over at Maya’s Kitchen Daydreams. I’m a baker so I love coming up with new dessert recipes and developing bread recipes. I focus a lot on small batch recipes that are perfect for 2 people as well as sourdough bread recipes!

I’ve been blogging for almost a year and a half now but only started trying to monetize/ be a little more purposeful about it in the last couple months.

A quick fun fact - when I’m not creating chaos in my tiny (TINY) apartment kitchen, I work as an astrophysicist studying the edges of the universe (literally).

Very excited to be in this community and to learn from all of you!


It’s nice to meet you, Maya! I love sourdough bread. And what a fascinating fun fact!!

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Hi Maya! I am a sourdough baker and blogger as well. Looking forward to following along. Your work sounds so interesting.

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Welcome @mayaskitchendaydream , so exciting to have you here in our community. Excited to learn more about you and your blog. I will definitely be checking out your small batch recipes, because I am the only one that really loves sweets in my home, so I don’t always need a full batch of anything!

Such an interesting fun fact, that’s amazing!!!

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! So great to be here :slight_smile: :blush:

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Ah amazing! I’ll have to check out your recipes then - I always love seeing other peoples techniques!

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Nice to meet you Maya

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Hi @mayaskitchendaydream ! Astrophysicist?! That is the literally the coolest job EVER. Please tell me more! What fun facts do you have about the edges of the universe?

@mayaskitchendaydream And WELCOME! Sorry, I was so impressed with you being an astrophysicist that I forgot to extend a welcome. :grin: