Hello, I'm Linda looking for inspiration as a new food blogger!

  1. Your name-Linda
  2. Your blog name and focus- Linda Redhead is the name of my blog focused on plant-based eating with a Caribbean flavor. I was tired of not being able to eat authentic Puerto Rican food since most of it is not healthy.
  3. How long you’ve been blogging-almost a year and still trying to get a handle on the tech side of blogging, it’s been challenging for sure…
  4. A fun fact about yourself-I’ve been told that I have a relaxing, soothing voice and have narrated a few promos for a non-profit. It’s true what they say, that most people don’t really like how they sound when they hear themselves, I myself being one of those people. So I eventually embraced the opportunity and used my voice for good. :grinning:

Glad to have you here! Sounds like a great niche. I love learning about foods from other cultures. Haha, yeah, I think my voice always sound really high & young. But, I guess as I get older maybe I will appreciate it???

@Linda Hi! I’m a new blogger (kinda lol) too. Started off on blogger just throwing up recipes as a hobby but now I’m trying to take it serious and learn new things. I hope we both learn great things here to be more successful with it.

PS I LOVE Puerto Rican food! I was just in Puerto Rico in February for my best friend’s wedding. Thank god we got to go before the pandemic really hit.Your site is beautiful and took me back to seeing Old San Juan.

Hi @Linda …so happy to have you here! What a fun niche you have!

Be sure to lean on these techy people in here (@BethanySmith) to get your questions answered.

I don’t know a single person who likes the sound of their own voice. Why is that, I wonder??

@megan What I have read is that because we hear the sound of our voices differently when we talk, like in our heads it sounds different to us, so when we hear it recorded it just doesn’t sound like we are used to and throws us off. Or it could just be that we all are too criticial! :slight_smile:

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BOTH of those explanations make sense!
I’m super annoyed by my voice, too. Now I’m on a mission to find someone who loves the sound of their voice. :laughing:

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Nice to meet you @Linda! Love your handle and the Puerto Rican food sounds amazing. Totally checking it out! I’ve been blogging on/off for almost two years so I’m more limited but I read and research a lot and happy to help in any way!

Thanks so much, Bethany! I think as you get older you may not care as much, lol! I guess it’s the type of thing you learn to embrace and not worry so much about as you mature and become more self-confident. You know, it’s so hard to not be self-critical. I’m still learning to grow and trying to be good to myself! :heartpulse:

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Thanks so much Itaira-so nice to meet you! I hope that we learn and be successful as well with our blogs.
It’s been so long since I’ve been to Puerto Rico-such a beautiful place! You are so lucky you went when you did! :palm_tree: :palm_tree: :palm_tree:

I know, weird right? I’m still trying to figure out why I don’t like the sound of my own voice.

Yes, I feel like I’ve learned so much about Wordpress the hard way, lol! and I’m still not sure if I’ve got it right. But I thank you for creating this forum, I really appreciate the nuggets of wisdom discussed on the podcast. :relaxed:

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Yeah, I wonder who would that be! Btw, I think your voice sounds very kind. :hugs:

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I so appreciate that! Puerto Rican food has a lot of history and I’m hoping to attract folks who want the great taste but in a healthier version. What kind of blog is your niche in?

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Aww, thank you. :heart:

Hi Linda!

My tagline is "modern food with a touch of Italian old-school coo"l :wink:lots of recipes for everyday entertaining and I incorporate Italian flavors or recipes where it fits.

Glad you’re here!

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