Hello! I'm Kristina from When Salty and Sweet Unite

Hello everyone! I’m Kristina Cadelina and I have a blog named When Salty and Sweet Unite. Some things about me: I live in Seattle. I currently work a full-time corporate job. I am married with a toddler and a teen ager who is about to graduate from high school. Also I have an adult stepson. I love to dance- used to be a Zumba instructor. Now I just dance at home or in the car. LOL

I created my food blog back in 2021. Well, I opened my blog in 2020 but didn’t log back in until summer of 2021 to be exact. I decided to take it seriously and started learning food photography. This was a big decision for me because I knew NOTHING about a DSLR.

I started my blog because I love creating food (and I also share my health journey on there as well). I remember back in the day, I was working in an office of about 30 people. I offered to cook everyone lunch. I honestly didn’t know how to cook back then but I made a taco bar and Spanish rice and the whole spread and I got a lot of positive feedback. A few years later, I went to culinary school and worked as a line cook for a couple of years.

I had gone back and forth on starting a food truck or something but one day God was like you need to start a food blog! And plot twist- I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the food photography piece of it.

I’m glad I started my blog and very happy to be here. I am looking forward to learning and growing with everyone.


Hi @Kristina - so happy to have you here!

What a cool story you have - I love that you offered to cook your office mates lunch even though you weren’t a cook! And where were you a line cook at? Was it around Seattle? I also live in the Puget Sound region so I’m curious!

If you have questions go ahead and ask away - there are so many friendly and helpful people on the forum. It’s a great place :smile:

I used to work at a restaurant named Andaluca in downtown Seattle.

You are in Seattle too!? Nice to meet someone here that is in my neck of the woods. I currently live south of Seattle in Des Moines.

What part are you in?

Hi, Kristina! Your photography is lovely - that lemon basil sauce on your home page is GORGEOUS! So glad to have you here!

Thank you Christina! :heart: Nice to meet you!

@Kristina ! First of all, welcome! So happy you’re here. Also, I LOVE your story with food and how things have taken shape for you in a way you didn’t expect. If you ever have an inkling to start a food truck again, I’ll help! :slight_smile: I’ve always dreamed of this, too.

Again, so happy to have you here.

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Thank you Megan! I would love to talk about food trucks with you!
Great to meet you and I love your podcast!

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I’ve heard of Andaluca! Never been as I don’t get into downtown much.

And I’m also south of Seattle - well, southeast. I’m in the Renton/Maple Valley area. There are a number of Seattle area food bloggers! If you’re on Facebook, there’s a Seattle blogging group (not just for food bloggers) called Seattle Bloggers Unite that posts local events and is just a nice way to connect to local people. If you’re interested, check it out!

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Awesome! Thank you for letting me know. I will have to check it out .

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