Hello! I'm Frances from Cooking with Our CSA

Howdy! I had replied to a weekly goal setting post and realized I had not yet introduced myself. :woozy_face:

I’m Frances (she/her) and I am the writer and recipe developer behind Cooking with Our CSA. I focus on sharing meal ideas and crafting recipes that celebrate the seasons of locally grown produce, mostly using a CSA box (CSA = Community Supported Agriculture). Most recipes are fruit and veggie forward, with moderate meat; approximately 90% of the produce, eggs, and meat we use in every recipe from our local CSA (Sage Mountain Farm).

I started blogging in March 2020 after beginning to share how we were cooking up meals with the CSA box during very hectic supply chain issues amidst the early months of the Stay-at-Home orders in California at the onset of the pandemic. Knowing we could nourish our family this way provided so much comfort and we’ve not looked back. While we’re still CSA members (just celebrated our 3rd year at the start of this month), my blog’s focus is evolving to include ideas on supporting our local food systems, CSAs being one method in that effort. Recipes are seasonal by nature, highlighting what grows in our area during certain times of year. It’s truly transformed the way we approach cooking and eating with the seasons and I love engaging with my readers when they ask me what my plans are for certain produce we’re all getting in our boxes (oh, what to do with all. that. kale??).

Fun Fact: Pre-Pandemic, I served as a culinary volunteer with my two sisters (one of whom is a pastry chef) for the Alex Loves Lemonade annual “lemonade stand.” We started volunteering back in 2018 and it was such a treat to cook alongside some of the best chefs in Los Angeles as we help raise funds for childhood cancer research. As volunteers, we are paired up with chefs and assist with all aspects of prep. The last time I volunteered, back in 2019, I got to work with Chefs Steven Samson (Rossoblu) and Susan Feniger (Border Grill & Socalo). It was especially cool to cook with Chef Feniger because we both went to the same college. I’m SUPER excited because after 3 years Alex Loves Lemonade is BACK! My sisters and I signed up to volunteer again this September and we’re counting down to the day we get to do this again.

Looking forward to learning with and from you all here. So happy to be connected in this space; big thanks to @Christina-Jolam for telling me about it.

Cheers to the week ahead. :v:t4::heart:


I love your story @Frances - we’ve done a CSA before and have enjoyed it. And how cool you get to work with chefs at the lemonade stand fundraiser! What an awesome experience that must have been - I’m so glad it’s coming back. Can’t wait to hear about it come September.



So glad to see you here, Frances! Welcome to the party.

I’m low-key OBSESSED with Susan Feniger so I may need to come out to Cali and volunteer for your event, too. :wink:

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