Hello, I'm Debbie from TRU Food Love


I am Debbie Truman and I started the blog TRU Food Love. My food niche focus is still yet to be determined. I love cooking, experimenting and taking meals I have experienced to pen and paper then creation. Most have worked out so delicious!! We have to have some duds now and then. :slight_smile:

My blog is Newish…I have had the domain for a couple of years, but this January 2023, I started to post more consistently and take the recipes that I have created in the past and publish them. I’ve been working on my planning and consistency to publish.

I love the tech geeky side of the blogging and am a freelance WordPress developer, so my blog pages seem to always evolve a bit.

Fun Fact: Not food related, but started the sweetest second act in marriage with someone that went to the same high school but we did not hang out in the same circle of friends. Funny part is, we both were voted Prettiest Smile and our picture is in the yearbook together. Here we are 30 years later meeting and marrying, and he is so supportive of my goals as a food content creator.

Excited to meet others and share experiences as food creators.



Welcome Debbie! Your site looks great - how nice that you also have the tech side of things down. That must be so handy!

And I love that you’re in your second act in marriage - life is funny sometimes. I am also in my second marriage so I can relate. We didn’t go to high school together, but he was good friends with the brother of my sorority sister in college!

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Thank you!! I love your love story, thank you for sharing!! :slight_smile:

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Deb! Your fun fact made me smile this morning! That is so fun. :heart:
Welcome to the EBT forum! I’m truly so happy you’re here. Please reach out to Taryn or myself or any of the other amazing people here if you have any questions while you get your blog going.


Thanks Megan. That makes me SMILE!

I am going to Tastemakers, so I will for sure find you to say HI and thank you for such a wonderful podcast!!