Hello! I'm Christina from Weekday Pescatarian

Hi, Team! I’ve been a member in the forums for a hot minute but skipped right over the intro. So I’m back to say an official first hello.

I’m the founder and recipe developer at WeekdayPescatarian.com. I teach home cooks how to confidently prepare seafood in their own kitchens. My blog launched in May '22. It’s been the most fun job (job-adjacent?) ever.

Fun fact: I moved from Tennessee to Lisbon in '21. Living near the ocean for the first time in my life inspired me to start eating more seafood, and my totally made-up Weekday Pescatarian lifestyle was born!

Thrilled to be here. I’ve learned so much from Megan and her team and look forward to meeting everyone.


So happy to have you here @Christina-Jolam! I love the concept of your site - your crawfish boil photos look amazing!

And what a huge move going from Tennessee to Lisbon must have been! What prompted that?

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Thanks, Taryn. Crawfish is a fun subject to shoot :wink:

We had been thinking about moving to Europe for years, and turns out that Portugal is very welcoming to remote workers, so it was a good fit! Amazing food, weather and the warmest people. It’s been a wondrous adventure.

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LOVE that you’re here @Christina-Jolam ! Welcome!! :heart:

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What @Christina-Jolam didn’t mention yet is that she makes a fabulous podcast guest as both @megan and I can attest too! I love the episode we just did together and am glad to have her in the forum!


Thank you, Eric! Adding “fabulous podcast guest” to my bio right now…:wink:

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