Hello! I'm Anna from GarlicDelight.com

I’m Anna Rider and I blog at GarlicDelight.com. I focus on helping busy working professionals (usually tech workers) develop a habit of cooking at home instead of relying on their offices to feed them!

I started my food blog in 2017. One fun fact about me is that I’m very interested in personal finance. So much so that Bjork from Food Blogger Pro interviewed me about financial independence last year (link to podcast episode).

I love SEO and I hate/can’t figure out Pinterest. So let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.


Hi Anna! @garlicdelight Welcome! I love the concept of your blog. That’s so valuable!

I’m definitely going to listen to your podcast episode. So cool!!

It has not been a good year to try and figure Pinterest out. A lot of food bloggers feel your pain.

Here are some podcast episodes that might help you out!

Episode 054: Improve Your Pinterest Game With Kate Ahl

Episode 123: All Your Burning Pinterest Questions ANSWERED with Kristie Hill

Episode 142: Pinterest Growth: 6 Tips That Will Stand The Test of Time with Megan Porta

Episode 152: Adapting To Changes With Pinterest with Melissa Megginson Of Tailwind

Thanks Megan! I’ve already started listening and getting a lot of great tips.
I liked your idea of asking for feedback on my food photography from episode 142.
What’s the best way to go about asking for feedback on EBC? Should I post a new thread on the Art & Design category?

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@garlicdelight Yes! That is perfect!!