Hello, I’m new here

Hi, I’m Celeste and my site is TheWholeServing.com. I started my blogging journey in 2010, after the death of my husband in 2016 and my father three years later I stepped away for a while, however, in the last two months my passion for creating recipes and food photography has returned and I am creating again. My hope is that I can find inspiration and encouragement here in this community.


Welcome back, Celeste. It is great that you re-discovered your passion for creating recipes and food photography!

Hi Celeste! Welcome!! I’m so so sorry to hear about your losses. :frowning: I’m happy to have you here so we can all grow together! Thanks for being here.

Hi Celeste! So glad you’re here. This is a great place for support and encouragement so if there’s ever anything you need help with definitely post about it! Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you do with your site!