Hello, I am Sonia

I am Sonia, and I blog about Mediterranean recipes. My blog is Eat Mediterranean Food (https://eatmediterraneanfood.com)

I started my blog in 2016 as a hobby to share my recipes. For the last three years, I stopped blogging due to life-changing events. Since April 2023, I have been back and started blogging full-time. During my time away from blogging, I rebranded my blog and redesigned the website.

As I already mentioned, I am blogging about Mediterranean recipes. Well, it is also a return to my roots as this is the food I grew up with. I was born, raised, and lived in Athens, Greece, at the crossroads of the Mediterranean region, until I met my late husband and moved to the United States many years ago. Now, I am the single mother of a beautiful, bilingual little girl whom I try to teach my birthplace’s language, customs, and cultural heritage.

Living half of my life (so far) at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, It was only natural to start writing about the delicious food of that region. After all, I learned how to cook from my mother and my Cretan grandmother, two ladies with distinctively different styles of cooking and taste preferences.

Cheers and Kali Orexi (bon appetite),


Hi Sonia! Thanks for sharing all of this and for such a great intro to yourself and your blog. I LOVE mediterranean food. I’m excited to get to know you and thank you for being here!

Hi Sonia! I love Mediterranean food, so I’m excited to try some of the recipes on your blog!

Sonia, your site looks so great! I love how you’re bringing your roots into your recipes, it really builds authority and trust with your audience. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you!