Hello Everyone, I'm Kasia

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this forum, looking forward to getting to know you all :slight_smile:

  1. My name is Kasia (pron. Kashya) Kronenberger.

  2. I run a blog focused on Polish food at https://www.polonist.com/.
    Sadly, It’s currently on hold - for almost 6 months now.
    First, my apartment was being renovated. Now, I’m waiting for the carpenter to finish the furniture. Who knows when I’ll be able to move back in…and with that virus around, there are massive delays with everything. I’m getting really frustrated. But once I’m back: full steam ahead!

Work-wise, I’m a recovering graphic designer (branding & packaging), now an illustrator. More about that here: https://kasia.studio/

  1. I first started circa 2014, used to run two blogs: one keto-dessert related, another on budget-friendly meals (in Polish). I guess these niches weren’t inspiring to me, so I quit quite quickly. This time I’m IN for a long run :slight_smile:

  2. Fun fact: I was once chased by a young elephant. Now I find it funny, but back then I was really scared.

I’ve just read the report by @BethanySmith (it’s excellent by the way) and it opened my eyes.
I plan to revamp my site, so it’s more user-friendly.

Great to be here!


Hi Kasia! So glad to have you here! I just peeked at your blog and I love your niche! Your photos are so colorful and clean, too. I totally understand about blogging taking a backseat to everything that’s going on. I hope you can dive back in soon!

“Recovering graphic designer”… hahaha! Me too!

Chased by an elephant? Oh my goodness, I bet that was scary!

SO glad you liked @BethanySmith 's report! She’s amazing!

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Kasia! So glad you are here.

I’ve always wanted to do branding and packaging design. I used to even save labels/boxes and different things from products that I thought were creative. Haha, people were like, can we throw away this garbage, and I was like, no it’s art!

I need to check out some of your Polish recipes for sure! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback on the report! I’m sooo happy it’s helped you.

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Hi Kasia,

Your blog is beautiful I love the design and strawberry soup look very interesting, I never seen polish food before, it was very interesting.