Hello everybody, happy to be here

Hello fellow food bloggers and friends!

My name is Dawn Conklin and I am the person behind The Kitchen and a Latte. It is a fairly new blog (1 and a half years old) but I wanted it to be a strictly food blog and my personal blog wasn’t going to work for it.

My personal blog was started in 2009, but it is a mess. Wish I was kidding but it was started in the beginning just for fun and to connect with others. It started on Blogger and got moved over to Wordpress when I started The Kitchen and a Latte. There is a lot of work to do on that one, but that is a back burner project.

I don’t have a great focus at the moment. At some point I would like to start videos and my next step on goals is to gain enough traffic to be on a good ad network. I would love to get working on my personal blog again, but it is very overwhelming when it is a lot of cheesy posts!

A fun fact (at the moment I cannot think of any of my many silly quirks but I do have plenty haha) is that even in my 40s I still enjoy playing the Nintendo every night. We have every Nintendo through the generations starting with my original Nintendo.

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Hi Dawn @thekitchenandalatte …welcome! Yay, so glad you’re here!

First of all, fellow Nintendo lover here. I haven’t played in years but I was a fanatic back in the 80s. What are some of your favorite games? I was obsessed with Super Mario Bros, Zelda and Arkanoid when I was a kid.

I can 100% relate about blogs being a mess. I started mine in 2010 and had a similar evolution as you. It started hobby-ish and kind of all over the place. I didn’t really figure out my focus until very recently, which changed everything for me for the better.

We have a few helpful (free!) guides that might be helpful as you try to figure out who your ideal avatar is and what kind of content you want to put in place.

Avatar Creation Guide
Content Strategy Guide
Editorial Calendar Planning Guide
Business Plan Workbook

Please feel comfortable looking around, asking questions and digging into podcast episodes in order to get what you need to get yourself onto an ad network. Let us know if you need anything else!

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Hey @thekitchenandalatte! Welcome. Glad you are here. I bet you find a few other Nintendo buffs around :slight_smile:

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Thank you! For Nintendo I still love Mario and Zelda games. I play them on the Nintendo switch now - better graphics and better game play then the old school versions from when we were kids. But I remember getting my very first Nintendo - the times I had playing those games! My kids laugh because I am more excited about the new Zelda coming out then they are with basically any game coming out!

The switch has a bunch of different Mario games - there is even one I was just playing (Paper Mario - Origami King) that you were on the same side as Bowser. I usually try to save at least an hour a night to relax and play. I don’t watch TV so it is my unwind time.