Hello community

hi,my name is el aid selim,I am a food blogger and i write about healthy recipes

I joined eGullet forum to share my blog recipes with the forum’s audience(i am not here for self-promotion only) ,i am here also to get inspiration about healthy recipes shared from other users here and to expand the ideas about healthy food all over the world

i can share tips and healthy exercices to the forum
i’ve blogging from six months now
fun fact? I am a web developper with university degree.

so consider my application to this forum and i am not a robot

With Best Regards


Hi there! Thanks for introducing yourself.

Is the name of your blog Healthy Cooking Tour? I’ll have to check it out! And while people don’t tend to share their recipes here (unless others are asking for them for a roundup), you can definitely find lots of helpful blogging and business advice - welcome!


Hi, welcome to the forum!
It would be interesting to know your story from web developer to a blogger.
All the best!