Hashtags irrelevant on Pinterest

I saw in @Heykristiehill 's email this week that Pinterest announced hashtags on their platform are irrelevant. This is a huge relief for me! I mean, it only took me 30 seconds to add hashtags to each pin, but I feel like I was just given permission to use that brain space for something that is actually productive.

Have you been using Pinterest hashtags for years like me? Wondering if it would ever be worthwhile?

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I have the same information about hashtags. In a live video yesterday, it was discussed that, if you have “instant pot” in your text, for instance, it won’t matter if you also have it in a hashtag. Pinterest says it will produce the same search.

I’ve given up on Pinterest for now, though. My account was marked as spam in May when I bought an ad. They said they marked it safe in July. Now, it’s obvious to me that it’s marked as spam again but they deny it. I don’t know what else to call a drop in impressions from 642K to 120K in two weeks.

I’m going to have to just give up and put my focus somewhere else, unfortunately. I’m letting my Tailwind account expire this month too.

@24bite Is Google analytics showing that your Pinterest traffic is down too?

My traffic from pinterest hasn’t really increased or decreased (except for the viral pin which came from a Tailwind tribe member) in a year. The only pinterest traffic I get is from Tailwind tribe members and that’s really low anyway (like 35 per day from Pinterest; my total monthly traffic is 17,000, mostly from Google). So, I’m basically at the mercy of Tailwind Tribe members only, since Pinterest itself isn’t working for me.

I’m relatively new so it’s difficiult to figure anything out because I have nothing to compare except for the past 12 months which has been chaos.

Because the repins are coming through Tailwind, many of the repins have that glitch where the suggested person to follow is the pinner, not the content creator so that also affects the number of people following me.

The suggested pinner glitch is a contested situation. Some people say that pinterest always adds the repinner as the suggested pinner, not the content creator. Others say it’s a Tailwind glitch. Some say it’s a Pinterest glitch.

I have one more strategy I’m going to try (after I have a good pout). I’m probably going to let Tailwind lapse this month, though, once my yearly expires.


eta I honestly think that my account is shadow banned and has been shadow banned since I did the ad in May. The only reason I saw an upswing was because of the viral Tailwind Tribe pin and had nothing to do with my account.