Has Anyone Used/Heard Of Linkwhisper

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has either used or heard of LinkWhisper. Casey Markee was talking about it during a webinar this past Wednesday. It’s suppose to help with internal link building.

I heard him talking about it as well and added it. Haven’t spent too much time with it but so far seems like a great tool.

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It seems like it could be helpful. Not sold yet that I want to spend the money on it.

I heard about it awhile ago and almost bought it, but I swear I then heard something about it having issues. This was over a year ago so I would think those issues are resolved.

Sorry that’s not more helpful! @KristinWeeks - let us know how you like it after you’ve had a chance to play around with it!

I just started using like a couple of weeks ago. So far it’s been helpful adding links that I wouldn’t have thought about. Basically it shows you suggestions and you can edit or approve how they insert the link in.


Casey added it to my site when I had an audit in September. I didn’t pay for it directly but find it handy to add links. I don’t know the cost…so that may determine whether I pay for it when it’s up for renewal.

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So far, no I haven’t had any issues.

Do you think it’s worth the money so far?

It costs $77 for 1 year.

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So far yes. It’s adding links where I wouldn’t normally have placed them(in an natural way)
I was adding links only at the bottom of my post but after I had a coaching call with Aleka from Cooking with Keywords, she suggested it.

I had a coupon code for 10.00 off so I paid 67.00 for the year.

I saw the code. A different email I got gave $15 off.