Happy birthday to BETHANY! 🎊

:confetti_ball: I just wanted to take a moment to say happy birthday to @BethanySmith since today is her birthday!!! :confetti_ball:

She works soooooo hard to make the EBT community the most valuable, awesome resource it can be for food bloggers. Seriously, you guys, she pours her heart (and lots of brain power, time and energy) into this space and she truly wants you all to connect, find value and KILL IT with your businesses.

Join me in wishing Bethany the happiest birthday, EBTers! (And I hope she doesn’t see this till Monday because she deserves to take time off this weekend.)


Happy Birthday @BethanySmith!


Thanks so much @megan, @jasonlogsdon and everyone else ! And I am proud to say I didn’t check this ALL weekend even though it was hard. :slight_smile:

Hi Bethany! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

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