Ham Leftover Recipes

I need ham leftover recipes for a roundup that I’m working on this week.

Please leave a link to your recipe which will give permission to share a photo and the link back to your site. Only a brief description of the recipe will be shared, not the recipe itself.

Thanks so much!


Here are a few to choose from!

Hi Angie! I love recipes using leftovers! Here’s the one I have for ham:

These recipes are made with canadian bacon, but definitely cold be made with ham!

Here you go! Ham and Cheese Drop Biscuits {Cast Iron Skillet} | Saporito Kitchen

Hi, Megan.

I love sliders. Easy and quick. And that dip is making me hungry! :joy:

These are great. Thank you, Megan.

Here are two:

I have one for breakfast.

Thanks for considering!

CookingChat, I love this! Perfect.

Thank you, girlappetit! These are great options I would love to include.

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I definitely will be happy to use your Ham and Cheese Frittata. I see that you like breakfast and brunch as much as I do and anytime as well. :grin:

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Both recipes sound amazing! Thank you. I love your tips on saving time and work on the casserole recipe.

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Sounds so good! No wonder your family loves this for a Sunday morning breakfast. Thank you.

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Thank you so much! I hope your readers love it. :blush:

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Of course, happy to share :slight_smile:

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