H2's and Writing Posts

Hey everyone-

I know that H2’s are necessary for SEO and to let Google know what my post/content is about (but not intended for keywords anymore). I also know that they’re intended to help lead the reader through the post. I find the mere act of thinking about them, writing them and including them making my posts feel so formulaic and challenges my creativity a bit.

I also have spent time looking at some bigger blogs and many of them don’t use them (prob bc they don’t have to?). Ok - rant over. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on H2’s esp from a UX experience and are they here to stay?

Yes, H2s are here to stay! :slight_smile:

I suggest people forget about the SEO reason for using H2s and just approach it as a great way to help organize your content. People reading on the web tend to skim over information, so pulling out important sections of info by using a heading makes sense. (Using bullet points is also great for this.)

It also will depend on your style of writing. If you write with more narrative, you’ll likely use fewer H2s or H3s than someone who is listing things out with a more informational style.

Using heading tags is also an important element of web accessibility as it helps people using screen readers more easily decipher what’s on a page.


Thank you so much Bethany! I know you’re the UX guru - and appreciate the accessibility note especially!

I think you hit the nail on the head with the narrative vs informational - I actually start with a brief (I hope!) narrative and transition to the informational but I think it’s more of a mental block than anything. Thanks again!

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I have come to embrace H2s to the point where it has become natural for me.

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