Gutenberg block template for blog post?

@megan I have been consuming so much content between here and clubhouse. Problem is I can’t remember where I hear things. Who said she created a reusable Gutenberg block to start a post template. I really want to do this but would like so listen and see some more ideas first


Did you hear Madison Wetherill talking about this on The Vine Podcast? Recently she has been talking about Gutenberg blocks and has mentioned creating a template a few times.

Anyway, you can create a reusable block as a blog template. When you start a new post, add the block, then convert it from reusable to a regular block. Then you can make whatever changes you need to.

What I have been doing is similar, but I have a blog template in my drafts. When I’m going to create a new post, I copy the content and paste it into the new post and update it.

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I need to do this, too! Right now I’m moving all classic posts to Gutenberg one by one. Too many issues with a bulk transfer. Done with 1/10th of my posts after a couple of weeks!

I’d love to see a video of someone setting up reusable blocks. I’m going to see if I can find a demo.

Having a template saves a lot of time. I currently don’t use it in WordPress, because I start writing in Google docs and then transfer to WordPress. I do use a google doc template, so I make sure to include all my sections of a block post. It’s quite easy once you copy it into the block editor.

Creating a Reusable Template in Gutenberg WordPress Editor - YouTube This video gives a quick guide on how to make it if you prefer using it.

I do agree that reusable blocks will help you be faster. You could create a template for example a call to action block, email signup.


Nadja, this is exactly what I was looking for. I already had ultimate blocks loaded on my site! I like their table of contents and now I will be using their container block. Thank you so much!


@Ginainga I have been THE SAME lately! I’m in a constant state of information overload. I remember hearing this on Clubhouse, too, but cannot think of who was saying it. Glad @nbelgrave jumped in to help. Like @amykatz mentioned, Madison from @graceandvine has a resource coming out on this topic, too!

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thanks @amykatz !

@Ginainga that sounds like me :slight_smile: My course is open if you are interested in learning more about mastering Gutenberg and learning how to create that template!


I highly recommend whatever @graceandvine suggests! She’s awesome!

Also I create a template a little differently. Once you have an outline that you know you like, just create a post. I call mine “Blog Post Template”. Save it as a draft and then scroll down on the right hand side to “Tools”. Click on “Copy all content”. Create a new post> right click> click “paste” and your template will be there to use for the next post.

Hopefully that was clear and helps! [screen shots attached below]


Lori, this is what I do, too!

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THANK YOU! I couldn’t figure it out myself, so hopefully with your guidance, I will be able to make a template!

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@Liz let me know if you have any more questions - happy to help!

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@LoriMurphy Thanks for sharing your process. I bought Madison’s Gutenberg class but I haven’t made it to the create a blog post template yet.

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Sure thing! Happy to help! It makes it so much easier and faster as well.

Thank you for sharing I was searching all over for this and I knew it had to be easier than I was making it!

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