Great Feedback on Instagram Photo

I wanted to share that I got a lot of great feedback and people saying the food looks amazing on an Instagram post I did this week.

This photo was nothing special at all. I just sat down to eat our meal outside and took a quick photo of it with my phone. No styling. Didn’t account for lightning or anything. I was just going to throw it up on stories but then thought it would be a good post on what I cook in our camper.

I got some of the best comments in months from this simple photo.

I hope this can be an encouragement to people struggling to make all their photos look pretty that sometimes just posting a candid photo like this can get a great response.


@eatlikenooneelse This is so funny because I had the SAME thought when I saw this photo on IG last week! Everything looks so perfectly cooked. Those noodles!

I’m so happy you got such great feedback on this photo!

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Yes I need to use that pasta on my blog more. It just looks good (and actually tastes good!)

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