Google's new "Guided Recipe" feature

Google released a new feature for guided recipes yesterday. Sounds like mainly to help read recipes for voice devices.

I know plugins like WP Recipe Maker have already put an update out to help with this


I need to do some more research, but this article is has some initial comments:

Oh my gosh, I literally just asked about it in the AMA thread on accessibility :smiley:
I must be reading Google’s mind…

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Yes! I saw this in my google console…and had no idea how to fix it. Hoping my recipe plugin will be working on it, too! Thanks, Bethany!

@Liz I know WP recipe maker already put out an update but not sure about other recipe plugins.

So, I’ve heard all the recipe plugins are working to adjust so those warnings don’t appear.

I know it’s super disconcerting and annoying to have those warnings, but it is nothing to stress about.

It’s for GUIDED RECIPE schema, which is different than the recipe schema.

It’s really for Google home devices, but I think that some display images, like on a refrigerator
screen. (Did anyone see that Modern Family episode where Mitch and Can become friends with their fridge?? :joy:)

Anyway, this is the best article I’ve seen so far:

Yes, I read the MV article this morning! Thanks for letting me know!

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