Google Web Stories help is on the way!

I stand firm in my belief that publishing google web stories is still 100% worthwhile. If you’re not creating them consistently, start today! :slight_smile:

Here are a few resources that might help:

  • @LoriMurphy is teaching a web stories workshop (alongside the amazing Tastemaker) on 2/10. She knows GWS inside and out. You will learn SO MUCH and you’ll be inspired to pump out a bunch of valuable stories.
  • I had a food blogger reach out to me recently saying that her VA is looking for food bloggers to serve in this arena. If you would rather outsource this task, consider reaching out to Scott for web stories creation.

Yes - Lori is so good with web stories! She is my go-to resource for that and I know her people have found her web stories workshop really valuable.

I just signed up because I’m sure I did them wrong lol. It took me so long to do two and I didn’t see any ROI. I’m going to try again because I keep hearing people say they had success with them.

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Good for you @Shanelle! Come back and let us know what was helpful for you after it’s over. Also, did you catch the free webinar about it? They also have a replay up here if you didn’t: Google Web Stories Webinar - YouTube

Is anyone else signing up for the Web Stories Workshop?

I completely agree Megan!

I have been consistent with web stories for a while now with really no traction but this last week they are taking off and it’s been a significant boost in traffic.

They might not be successful overnight but just give it time and keep with it. The ones that have been bringing the most traffic are the ones I just threw together and really didn’t think would go anywhere.

So just play around with it and test things out.


I found the same thing when I started out with them @KristinWeeks - it took awhile for them to take off, then I started getting traffic from them.

I’ve since stopped doing them (was having some indexing issues) but I still have older ones that will bring me traffic.

Thanks for sharing, @megan! I can vouch for Scott, he’s great at web stories and all things social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook). He’s also great with video editing =]

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Bumping this thread as the Web Stories workshop is tomorrow and it looks like there are 2 tickets left if anyone is still thinking about going!


So I realized I signed up for the free workshop. The paid one was all day and didn’t fit my schedule. I didn’t find the free one helpful because it was more of an info session to sign up for the paid one.

I guess I’ll keep trying to figure it out😩.

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That’s awesome! Did you watch a video or follow something that you found helpful in creating them?

@Shanelle - keep at it! I know so many people who have just been consistent with them and eventually it paid off.

It’s just been a lot of trial and error and figuring out what works for me. I did take @LoriMurphy workshop and it was full of really good info. I think she has resources on her website as well.


Thanks! I’ll check it out. I’m still trying to figure it all out.

A win for me was that I scripted my YouTube videos for the week, that I’ll shoot on Friday and I became an affiliate for Butcher Box.