Google Search Console Error

I’m wondering if someone can help me with this issue because I am stumped. I have 26 errors under recipes saying missing field “photo”. Every recipe on my site has a photo and I even have a photo in the recipe card. Does anyone else have this problem or knows the solution? Some of the 7 warnings I have there are also in the recipe card.

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What recipe card are you using?

WP Zoom Recipe Card. It was suggested for the theme I have.

I don’t know about that one at all. It must be more exclusive. I would make sure you are updated just in case they’ve updated to fix these errors. Or, send them an email and let them know that there are errors on their card.

You could also consider switching to a more widely updated recipe card like WPRM. You may not get exactly the same look but at least they’re up to date with Google.

The first part with the 3 warnings and that caution triangle is picking up my recipe card. The second that I have dropped down with the actual error it seems like it’s picking up the body of the post. Idk it’s weird and I haven’t been able to figure it out.

I don’t think it’s something that you need to figure out. I think it’s something that WPZoom needs to figure out.

It’s your recipe card. The only top quality recipe cards there are that will give you all of the up to date structured data you need, and are actively and quickly brought up to date with new developments and Google requirements etc, are WPRM, Tasty and Create.

They are the ones that professional bloggers use. You are unlikely to do well with any others. If you plan to blog as a career and want to rank well you need to upgrade to one of those.

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@Itaira I agree with @Mel that it’s likely the recipe card you’re using. How many recipes do you have total? Would it be a big ordeal to switch to Tasty or WPRM?