Google ranking: #1 in less than 1 month

I thought I’d share a success here with you awesome people! I was peeking at my analytics today and noticed a new Top 10 url that emerged in the past week, which was a roundup I put together from info on RankIQ. In the past week, my “What to serve with corn on the cob” roundup (that some of you contributed recipes for!) has gotten 1,350 PVs from organic Google search. This was a new roundup post that was published on 7/21/21, so less than a month ago.

I wanted to share this as encouragement to keep up with the roundup posts, especially ones generated from the RankIQ content optimizer. Google even grabbed copy from my post to use as the top snippet and my post is currently in the #1 position on Google! I so strongly believe that RankIQ is a worthwhile avenue to explore for optimizing current and new blog posts.


Congratulations!!! Such nice news!!!

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That’s awesome, good to know that Rank IQ is working!

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Awesome news!! Congrats!

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