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I need help with google analytics. In trying to set up a separate property for web stories and GA4 I have made a mess out of it all. This is the part of blogging I really dislike and I need help. Any suggestions on someone that I could hire to take care of this and ensure it is all set up properly?

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Oh no! It is confusing for sure. I would suggest contact Grayson from iMark Interactive. I know several people who use his services and rave about him.

I noticed he also has an article on his website that goes over how to set up GA4 - it might be helpful to look it over. How to Easily Install Google Analytics GA4 | iMark Interactive

Hope that helps!

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As I understand GA4 cannot be setup for web stories. They can only have a universal analytics property. But as I read in Google thread they will be issuing this before the summer as the change for GA4 happens.
Some instructions:

Here is a video: How to Add Google Analytics ID for Web Stories - YouTube

BTW: I am making video stories for a client and if you want to make videos I found this method to be good: How To Optimize Videos For Web Stories (Storytime #32) - YouTube
How To Use Avidemux To Compress Your Videos (Storytime #33) - YouTube
so I edit them to 720px and into shorter clips. Then after downloading compress again (for ex in an online compress program). This way I get my files from around 30-40MB down to 300kb-2 MB. Then as last upload to Wordpress and make the story.


Thank you for the resources!

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