Going to Tastemaker? POST HERE!

Tastemaker is coming up later this week!

I know @megan will be there. If anyone else is going, post below and let everyone know what you’re most excited about!

It’s my first time! I’m excited to meet other food bloggers :smiling_face:


Getting to be with other bloggers in person. In my 13+ years of blogging I have only done that a few days.

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Good Morning! I’m a new blogger and a first timer at Tastemaker. I’m super excited…and a little nervous!

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You guys will love it! It’s such a special atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to go up to other bloggers and introduce yourself! Everyone I’ve ever met at Tastemaker is super friendly.

ETA - and I’m not going this year, but will live vicariously through those that are!

Totally ok to be a little nervous. I have found so many people feeling that way. I have been nervous about traveling around Chicago, I am not a big city person. And I see you are from the Great Lakes State!! You got a fellow Michigander right here.