Gift guide template for canva?

I want to take some of my gift guides and make pins that only show the product with a number by it. I have three questions.

  1. if the product is from amazon how do you handle getting picture for the product?
  2. what tool do you use to take all the background out of a picture so only the products is shown?
    Do you have a favorite premade canva temple for gift guides.
    Thanks :slight_smile:
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To answer #1, uh, it’s complicated. I’ve not heard a definitive answer, but my opinion is that you can’t just save & use. So, in that case you’d have to reach out to whoever took the original image, usually whoever manufactured the product, ,for permission. Or, if you own the product, you’d take the pic yourself. I know many people don’t do this and probably don’t agree, but this is going to be by far the safest way to do it. (As in, there’s no grey area around legality with those two situations, but with everything else there is.)

For #2, I think if you have paid Canva you can do it. Otherwise I’d do it in Photoshop.

We have created tonnnnns of roundups for and we never ask permission for Amazon images. We use Site Stripe to grab images. I mean, technically permission is required but most sellers on Amazon are eager to sell their product.

To remove the background from a photo, I use Photoshop and save as a PNG file. From there you can pull into Canva and the background is still knocked out.