Freeze dried fruits

Hello everyone?
Does anyone here have experience with freeze dried fruits?
I am trying to put together an article about “freeze dried fruits use”, there is not much about recipes with FD on the internet.
Any idea, a post, or a recipe is appreciated? :unamused:

I haven’t tried making freeze-dried fruits myself but was intrigued when I read an article in Mother Earth News a few years ago about them. Apparently, it requires special equipment to freeze fruit and vegetables and the equipment is not cheap, but I did come across an article on a homesteading blog that might help you:
Good luck with your article!!

I tested and tested a recipe with freeze-dried strawberries and I could never get it to turn out right/good. :frowning:

Thanks a lot, JJ_Jacobs
The link was very helpful. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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The topic was overwhelming at first. But did manage to learn a thing or two about it. Here is what I found

I also happened to taste test a few samples. They were awesome. :blush:

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You’re right - there is a lot to learn on this topic. Interesting!

I wasn’t aware about dried freeze fruits recipes but you could definitely use it in shakes or desserts. View my bio to learn more.