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I’m curious to hear what others provide readers as far as freebies and downloadable content. I currently do not offer much of anything, but need to get some things put together for the new year. Let’s get some great ideas going!

Great topic! Do a search for the ClickFunnels tripwire and transitioning customers from browsers to fans. Basically, you’ll want to give someone a freebie offer that is ACTUALLY of value and then have an offer to upsell (think GoDaddy with their 99cent domains). It’s a fun business strategy, but you really have to put pen to paper, or else you’re just giving away stuff for free without really having a plan to convert.

Let me know if you need any help! It’s a fun part of the online world that is really interesting to play with.


Thanks for your thoughts on this, Dustin! I don’t always think about the upsell part, so I’m glad you mentioned this. I recently created a very small comfort food recipe ebook as an email signup freebie, all from recipes that currently exist on my blog. People are clicking! I do want to experiment with this more, though, and invest time into thinking about the upsells.

I’d love to get a list going of valuable freebies for food bloggers in this thread!
Here are some thoughts I’ve had and I’d love for others to contribute to this list:
*Cooking measurements charts
*Conversion charts
*Converting recipes to Instant Pot recipes
*Recycling existing content for ebooks
*A handful of exclusive recipes for ebooks

This is so helpful!

I still don’t have a email list and want to create one in 1 month but was thinking what freebie to give away and how to bring something of value!

The conversion charts are brilliant.

I was even thinking, if a person was looking at a breakfast recipe, I could have a pop up saying sign here for 5 easy vegan breakfast.

The same for mains and the same for desserts.

And than if someone went to the homepage, to sign there for an emailing list to eat more plant based and what they need.

Do you think that is a bit of a crazy amount of work?


@Mariana Yeah, I think it is a crazy amount of work! haha!

I think it’s an excellent idea but logistically it can get complicated. You’d need a way to target the pop-up to only come up on those pages. I suppose it could be directly entered into each post. The issue with that is that if you ever need to change the pop up, you’d have to go through by hand on each post to adjust it.

I have used an ad inserter plugin ( to insert some freebies, but I’m not sure if it works on a page or category level.

Whatever recipes are most popular on your site, focus a freebie around those. Or, seasonal ones will also do well.

Hope this helps!

Yeah I thought so! hahaha

I will focus on the most popular recipes :slight_smile:

Being still so new to this, it is better not to complicate it too much! Because when I have a lot more content, it would be so complicated!

Thank you for helping so much :slight_smile:

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@Mariana DEFINITELY give this week’s episode with Matt Molen a listen!

The quick start guide is the way to go with an easy to create opt-in, especially to start.

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Thank you so much Megan!

It is on my list for tomorrow to listen to :blush:

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