FREE Expert Video Roundup: Working With Brands

I have a class all day being hosted in my home (not food blog related) the day y’all do the live broadcast. Will it be recorded so we can watch it later?

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Yes! Members can watch later, so you’ll be able to access the replay.

I’ll do more of a plug here, so thanks for the prompt on this Gina!!

Eat Blog Talk and Makin’ Bacon @jasonlogsdon are teaming up to create expert video roundups that will focus on specific themes and that will provide value to food bloggers.

The first expert video roundup carries the theme of Working With Brands. We are bringing in experts who have valuable information to share with food bloggers on this topic. Sub-topics covered include:

  • 5 Tips For Creating Photography For Brands
  • Negotiating Sponsored Content Contracts
  • The Benefit of Long Term Brand Partnerships
  • Making Your Content More Connected with SideChef
  • The perfect way to price your content
  • And so much more!

Why: Being a food blogger can be overwhelming! There are many different aspects of the business you have to learn in order to grow. Considering the abundance of information out there to consume on any given topic, we want to put you in front of the information that matters. You will hear from bloggers and other experts who have found success in very specific areas inside the topic of Working With Brands.

When: Saturday, March 6, 2021 at 2:00pm EST

Cost: All videos are FREE when you join us live!


VIP Bonuses: For only $19, VIPs will receive hundreds of dollars worth of value, including:

  • Lifetime access to videos
  • Bonus materials
  • Zoom Q&A with selected speakers on March 6th, after the live sessions have aired
  • Copy of “Conversations on Monetization” ebook
  • 2 months FREE inside the Eat Blog Talk membership
  • 30% off course: Self Publishing 101
  • FREE Cookbook Publishing Mini-Course


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