Foodie Pro Categories

Are there step by step instructions for organizing my categories? Right now I am just interested under the tab Recipes. Mine are really all messed up and I want to re-do them. So I thought I would ask this sorry if it is lame.
I really hate doing all this kindof stuff and thought of hiring someone like a VA but that is another subject to look into.
ok I set this up probably almost 2 years ago. So there is Widgets, Categories, then pages with my categories. This is so confusing to me. I remember doing this by myself and it took days! Any help is appreciated.

No lame questions!

Think of categories as a way to tell your readers what your post is generally about. You should come up with ones that are specific but not too specific so you will have several posts in each category.

I suggest actually writing out and playing around a bit with the categories you want. You can also look at other sites and see what they are doing.

As far as how and where to link to them, you can do that in a variety of places like you mention. Add them to the drop down in the menu and/or in the sidebars.

Here are a few resources:

Thank you Bethany! I will check those tips out.

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