Food blogging or other conferences in 2020

Which conferences are you attending in 2020?

On my list:
Inspired Home Influencer Conf
Everything Food
Tastemaker (maybe)

I was thinking of going to Everything Food, but I don’t think it will work out this year. It’s hard leaving my little ones when I am the main one who watches them!

Totally understand that! It gets easier as they get older. Can’t wait to meet you in person one day soon @BethanySmith !

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EFC!!! I’ll finally get to meet you in person, Megan!

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I’m doing EFC this year for the first time - thanks for the reminder that I need to get on making reservations, etc! So excited!


I’m so excited to meet you finally! YAY!

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Yippeee! I need to get on my reservations, too! Can’t wait to see you there, Monica!

Hi there! I’m new here but excited to be a part of this community! I’m going to the Tastemaker Conference in NYC in September!

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Hey! I’m going to Everything For Conference and can’t wait!

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@tastemakerconference is THE BEST! You will love it!

It’ll be my first year at EFC. I’m so excited!

Mine too. I’ve never been to any type of conference like this, so I’m really excited! We’ll have to connect whole we are there.

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I know Everything Food Conference moved to August. What about others? Are there any conferences that are now online that seem interesting? There’s this MarTech one I signed up for next week, it’s free so figured why not give it a try -

@BethanySmith how was the MarTech conference?

Who else is going to EFC in August?

Haha, well, I haven’t had much time to watch anything from that conference, but I believe the videos are saved, so I will report back once I watch some things.

I kinda have this dream of going to EFC now that it’s in August and tying it in with a family vacation, but I doubt that will all happen…so no, I’m not planning on going :cry:

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This “summit” is coming up next week, anyone planning on attending?

On the one hand, I’m so thankful there are now so many online summits and conferences, but it can get overwhelming pretty quickly!!

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I just interviewed Jena from Little Rusted Ladle and she is AMAZING! This summit is totally FREE, so I highly recommend being a part of it if it works with your schedule!

Her episode will be published Monday 7/6, so be sure to listen. It is super inspiring!

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