Food blogging and The Virus

What are your thoughts about how the coronavirus is impacting food bloggers? It has already closed down conferences, expos and other gatherings. I’m assuming party cancellations will mean a decline in needing party food recipes.

Maybe freezer meals will be on the incline? There have to be other silver linings for us?

It’s one of those things that is 100% out of our control but it’s good to put thought into anticipating the effects, I think!


Overall I think there will likely be a lot of opportunities for food bloggers to really lean into this situation and help people out. Look at it in the way that you likely have knowledge that can help people who are all of a sudden stuck at home.

People will likely be staying inside more and cooking at home more and spending more time on social media/internet. Depending on what happens here in the US, many more might be essentially quarantined at home! Yikes!

So, ideas on what can food bloggers offer:

  • Just the general tips of cooking at home, which is what food bloggers basically do anyway.

  • How to stretch food you have at home so you don’t have to go to the store as often. Such as adding another cup of water to soup, or throwing a few more noodles in with it.

  • How to clean out your pantry and/or freezer and use the food you find! Get creative!

  • Many food bloggers have worked in food prep/restaurants, and so know how to not touch your face and how often to wash your hands to stay sanitary! These are tips people want to know even if it’s not directly tied to a recipe, so don’t be afraid to talk about it, especially on social.


Oh, good question Megan! I think people will be looking for more large family meals and freezer friendly meals. Also, ways to jazz up pantry items such as canned tuna, beans, pasta, etc…


Jazzing up tuna… woooo! :joy:
Yep, I think you’re right about all of that, @Lovecheflaura!

Working in health care I think this is something that will effect everyone, however more time at home may mean more time dreaming on the internet!
I think I will focus on things I can make from my pantry stock and what many may have in stock as well.
I also did a post a couple weeks ago on things I like to keep on hand for any emergency that was received well.
I have noticed a decline in views the last couple of weeks. I think at the moment people are soaking up everything they can related to the virus, but soon they will be sick of it and back to searching what they normally do on the internet specifically if they have more time at home.

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I think it could be a really good time for us! I agree with pantry/freezer meals. Also substituting ingredients - how to/which ones - - this could be a great opportunity for those who do IG stories - fridge foraging, cooking a whole meal with what you have on hand. Overall, it’s a great time for ppl to be eating at home more.

Saw this on Twitter. :rofl: Most of the responses are saying they basically have cereal and chips. Haha.

A good way to figure this out for your users is to do a poll or question on Instagram asking people what they do have or what they want tips on using. This is also a great way to increase engagement on Insta.

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:joy: :joy: :joy:
Food bloggers have secret suppliers.

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Lots of opportunities for food bloggers right now!

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Just a follow-up on this… How does the pandemic seem to be affecting traffic? What content are people consuming right now? I’ve been going into Google Analytics daily and I’m finding it fascinating to see which recipes people are loving and needing right now.

I noticed that my traffic has increased a lot in just a couple of days! Mostly the same ones that has been my popular post for a long time (banana bread, tuna cakes, and sausage stew).
Right now I’m trying to think what I can post that could be related to any of those popular post. Also thinking about niche down into latin inspired recipes.
So it is a little confusing in this time, and hopefully I would figure out what would be the best route for me and my readers. :slightly_smiling_face:


@nbelgrave Also, I’d recommend taking the top posts and either doing simplified versions of those recipes (if it’s possible) or using similar ingredients to build another dish. I’m doing the same right now and finding that it gets my creative juices flowing!