Finding Yourself Stuck?

There are times you’re stuck on a problem, or you need inspiration to know which way to turn. Being practical can be helpful but sometimes you need doors to open and shut to help guide you too.

I found this quote online, found it to be inspiring today. I can do the work. But then I need to be ready for the unexpected so I can move on it and know which path to follow. Anyone else need this encouragement? What’s working for you all? What’s something you’re working on that you could use the Universe to speak on?


I couldn’t agree more.
Once upon a time, I hit the bottom rock in my life. My frustration ended almost three years ago. And it lasted around 15 years. During my disorientation, the were times when I felt there would be some way out, sort of like a light at the end of a tunnel. Only to see there were more tunnels.
No matter how hard I tried, I felt even more stuck.
And I had big Ideas. But somehow I felt I couldn’t accomplish anything.
I started with passion, no matter what I was planning to do, but quit due to disinclination. It seemed my motivation all of a sudden disappeared shortly after I started. I do not believe in magic. But I felt like I had been cursed. That was the way it was for a good 10 to 15 years.
At one point, I was almost going to starve due to a lack of income. There was no food, no one to talk to, and nowhere to go.
I reached a point, where I had to just Let Go. And I did.
It is a long story.
But I was going to say that if you persist, it resists. And we have to practice the No Resistance attitude.
Everything we believe in our hearts is going to come to pass.

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Sounds like you have an incredible story to share someday @pistachioguy. I hope that you are finder brighter days and are using that as motivation to set some goals, hit them and encourage others. Your story is not over - on to a new chapter!

Thank Melissa,
We are either winning or learning how to win. There’s no failing.

@pistachioguy Thank you for sharing this! Letting go is such a simple concept, but sometimes (or OFTEN) extremely hard to do. Good for you for realizing this is what you needed and for DOING IT. Resistance is never met with desirable results, but it takes us so long to learn this, right?

This is such solid advice!!! I’ve definitely been there in the past where I try SO HARD to make something happen… it never does. When I started doing things more freely and opened my mind a bit more, opportunities just sort of started coming my way!

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Feels good, easier too, huh?

Something we can apply to so many areas of our life.

Exactly! It took me a while to find out that sometimes applying sheer willpower can only make things worse.
There come times when we have to sit back and let the chips fall where they may.