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I’m new at this … I’ve started the foundation of a food blog, and was able to get blog site to show up if typed almost verbatim on Google Searches, but unable to get Recipes pop up on searches.

What Tips does the group have to allow for specific blog posts (Recipes) pop up on Search Engines. (e.g. “Lemon Olive Oil Cake”, “Meat-pie” etc) … Does this have to do with Tags on the Post itself? If so, open to Tips on using searchable Tags? Thank you!

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This might be a little overwhelming but I suggest listening in to TopHat webinars. Casey Markee especially is the #1 guy to learn from for foodbloggers so pay close attention to his teaching in the webinars.
One thing to say, you are starting off right if you are thinking about SEO. Most people wait to long and have a mess before they realize it. Learn all you can about it. It’s the one thing that will drive traffic to your site. Also be sure you use a recipe card like WPRM that google can recognize. TopHatRank's SEO Blog - Read Our Stuff!


Thank you, Gina! It’s definitely worth exploring :+1:

@Usinsa15 I second what @Ginainga said… Absorb everything you can from tophat and/or casey markee and implement all SEO strategies and tips! If you search “SEO” here, some informative and helpful podcast episodes will pop up for you to listen to.

So sorry it took me so long to reply to this! Somehow this thread got buried for me!!

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