Feast theme


What are your thoughts about the feast designs themes? It costs $19 so is this a one time purchase or it’s a monthly payment for $19? I am confused.

Is there any budget friendly theme that you can suggest?

Hi Shelly,
the Feast themes are a one time fee of $19. But the theme itself gives you basically no functionality. You will need to buy the Feast plugin which is $249 per year.

Kadence and Astra are fast themes are fast themes which both have a free version that have plenty customization options.

Hope that helps.

Hey, thanks for your response but I am really bad at this technical things. May I know which theme do you use and can a beginner customise with Astra?

I use the Feast Theme with the Feast plugin for one two of my websites. It´s a good combination but I would not say you need it, plus it has somewhat of a learning curve to setup and on the downside it looks very “cookie cutter” style. I personally prefer Kadence over Astra, I am using the Kadence theme on two of my other websites and love how easy and flexible it is to customise, even at the free version. If you need some help with the technical setup, I am happy to help you.