Favorite keyword research tools?

SEMrush is my favorite research tool for finding keywords, but it’s expensive.

What are your favorite free or affordable options for doing keyword research?

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I use KWFinder, it is cheaper. Sometimes I also use Keywords everywhere (I bought like a $10 token and it gives a lot of credits since it is no longer free)

Google Keyword planner always has been confusing for me to use.

I prefer just searching in google and checking the related topics at the end and go from there (Free!)


Awesome, THANK YOU! And I 100% agree with you that Google Keyword Planner is weird.

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I like SEMrush as well - it’s definitely expensive. I also like the free version Ubersuggest from Neil Patel though sometimes it takes a long time to load for some reason.


I just cancelled my Semrush account and will be using KeySearch as my primary research. It has a lot of the features that I use in Semrush for much less money!


@AnaF As you dig in, let me know if there’s anything you miss about SEMrush. Is there something similar in KeySearch to the Content Template in semrush?
Tired of paying $100/month for another thing!