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Hi everyone. First question - why does spring insist on reminding us that winter was not that long ago? Sorry, but does it really need to snow (I know, when you live in Northern Scotland, what do you expect?).
Rant concluded. Now the real question. I use Facebook groups for publishing new recipes or posting to responses, etc. I’ve had decent traffic relative to my overall traffic. I’ve never had a publishing strategy - I just go in, publish a new post to several groups, answer questions, interact, rinse and repeat. Surely there is a more strategic way to approach this.

Can someone direct me to a short course, advice, etc. about Facebook?
PS - I don’t use a scheduler for FB (only Tailwind for Pinterest). Ideas?

Cheers, my friends.

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@DeniseP I hear you on the winter thing! I’m hoping we’re done with winter, too, but certainly will get one more snowfall.

When I’ve talked to the people who have found huge success with posting in FB groups, I think they have posted consistently while interacting authentically. It sounds like you’re already doing that. Maybe push yourself a bit and strive for a certain number of times/week that you post your own content and also commit to interacting inside the group a few times/week.

I’m hoping someone else will be able to help with a FB course because I don’t have much insights there except this helpful EBT podcast episode.


I’m a newbie, but FB is my primary social media focus for right now. It sounds like the one thing you could do, if you wanted to devote more time to FB, is start and cultivate your own group.

I’m not certain you could automate or schedule more, other than blocking out X amount of time to go in and cultivate the FB communities you’re participating in. I’ve found those more valuable (and personally rewarding) than dropping links into groups where no one interacts.

Of course the danger is the social media time suck, and you’d have to decide whether it makes sense for you.


Thanks, Joanne, you have a great point. I could definitely spend more time on my own Facebook page. I don’t feel very ‘honest’ with it all and I could be way more helpful toward others rather than just trying to get traffic. That would feel better (probably for all parties involved). I’ve been steadily gaining followers, so it’s time to jump back in. Definitely worth a try and I personally, like Facebook over some other social sites (old school lady, me). Quality over quantity, maybe? Concentrating on one thing rather than juggling the ‘latest’. That’s more my happy spot anyhow.
Cheers, Denise

Curious about what groups on Facebook are best for engagements. Any suggestions ? Yes I believe that at least give more than you take. I belong to 2 copycat groups. Gary V strategy.