Facebook is one big PARTY!

Lorena Graeter from Green Healthy Cooking and I had a chat on EBT that was just published this week. She sheds such a fresh perspective on Facebook, which I think all of us could appreciate.

One of the things she said was a lightbulb moment for me… Think of Facebook as a party. You don’t go to a party and stand on stage and expect everyone to JUST listen to you rant about something. You attend a party so you can take turns having interactions with many different people. It’s never all about YOU.

Definitely give the episode a listen, too. She shares many more golden FB nuggets inside!


I loved this episode! I had several epiphanies on how I should be interacting on Facebook.

Facebook epiphanies are the BEST! Because they don’t happen often, ha! So glad you got valuable info out of the episode. :heart:

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I loved this episode and I kind of listened it by mistake:)). I’m listening to them chronologically and i’m up to episode 35 or 36 but then somehow when I finished one of those episodes, somehow my podcast app started playing your latest episode.
I loved, loved, loved Lorena’s chat with you. I learned so much, plus I related right away to her diversity.
Happy Holidays to both of you!!!

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I’m so happy to hear that your podcast player mysteriously prompted you to listen to this episode! :slight_smile: It really is a great one. Lorena packs it full of awesome tidbits. Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas!