Exotic Fruit Recipes

ISO: EXOTIC FRUIT RECIPES I am doing an informational post on exotic fruits. I would like to include a recipe for each type of fruit. Here is a list of the fruit I need recipes for:

Pitaya, Mangosteen Rambutan, Longan, Langsat, Pomelo, Jackfruit, GuavaDurian, Meyer lemon, Sapodilla, Kumquat, Starfruit, Passion fruit, Soursop, Tamarillo, Noni, Sugar apple/ sweetsop, Chinese barberry, Mango, Coconut, Papaya, Japanese persimmon, Snake fruit, Breadfruit, Lotus fruit, Wax apples, Pomelo, Dragon Fruit, Yuzu, Hawthorn, Loquats, Buddha’s Hand.

FOR: https://intentionalhospitality.com/

Due: April 12th

These will be do-follow links and I might use a recipe pic on social media to promote the post.



I have a great recipe using Jackfruit and Plantain and another with Mango…I’ll try to see if I can have them done by April 12th…busy weekend for me with the TasteMaker Conference and I’m celebrating Easter with my daughter this weekend (she had to work last weekend).

Superb idea though and I love your website!!!

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What a great idea! And such a beautiful site!

I have 2 for mango, if either looked like what you were interested in:


I feel like @eatlikenooneelse might have some recipes to offer for this roundup! I’ve got nothing! :slight_smile:

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Wait, I found one! :slight_smile:


I think I had shared in the food bloggers’ central group. But here is one using ripe jackfruit. Ponsa Moolik - Framed Recipes

I have a lot of recipes using coconut, sharing this one since we will soon be celebrating our traditional new year and this is one of the dishes served during the feast - Erissery - Framed Recipes

Thank you!


@megan was correct. How about this Meyer Lemon fudge - How to Make Real Lemon Fudge - Eat Like No One Else

I don’t see this fruit on your list, but I also have a recipe using Finger Limes

I just updated my Pomelo blog post, but there isn’t recipe, but still thought you might want to check it out - What is a Pomelo? - Eat Like No One Else