Episode 285: Low Effort, High Impact v High Effort, Low Impact

Did your mind read that and go huh?

Yeah, it takes a minute to read that and put it into perspective.

Shinta from Caramel Tinted Life shares in [episode 285](Episode #285: Prioritizing SEO Over Pinterest - Eat Blog Talk(opens in a new tab)) how she took her work skills from her previous job as a project management consultant and is now using those same skills as a food blogger.

She shares that if you put your work into one of 4 quadrants and organize it, you can be more effective and impactful on how you work. Boils down to work smarter, not harder!

What’s your tip for 2022 to work smarter? Share below - we want to brainstorm as many as we can so all who check this out can be inspired as we head into spring! :point_down:t4: