Episode 282 -- good tips!

Another good episode, thanks @megan! For those who haven’t checked it out, the guest (Alison Corey) discussed 4 of her favorite tools. Even though I already use both KeySearch and RankIQ, I picked up some new tips about both of them.

Might also have to think about checking out Convert Kit one of these days. I’m still on MailChimp, not very user friendly.

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So happy you liked the episode @CookingChat ! Personally I’m not a huge fan of convertkit just because it gets SO spendy when you get into bigger subscriber tiers. Also, it’s made for more of the tech-minded person (in my opinion). I feel like there are so much more affordable and more user-friendly options out there.

Thanks for tips on that, @megan. What did you say you are using? Sounds like you like it?

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I use both flodesk and mailerlite. I love them both! Mailerlite is free up to 1k subscribers. Flodesk has a set (and very low) payment that never changes, no matter how many subscribers. Both are super easy to use, but I’d say Flodesk is the prettiest and has great drag and drop templates.